Permission to whine?

ddaybug08-09Pregnancy symptoms of the day:

Bad heart burn — even when I haven’t had a meal in hours.

Fatigue — fell asleep on the counch at 6pm even though I did nothing of note at work today

Painfully swollen hands and feet

The baby has been kicking and hiccuping like mad — which I guess is a good sign, but it seems to make me really tired.  It feels like he wants to bust out from right under my right rib.  I always thought it was cute when babies hiccup, so I guess I’ll have one more thing to coo over when he gets here.

In a subject change, while I was passed out on the couch, helpful husband made homemade hamburgers for dinner.  I’m participating in the Dark Days Eat Local challenge — when I figure out how to link to it (, I’ll add it in.  For now, here’s the food for tonight.

Local ingredients:  buns made from ciabbata from Berkeley,

farmers market ingrediences: ground beef (Cayucos Old Creek Farm); onions, tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, cage free eggs, pickles. 

Not local but organic: Ketchup. 

Not organic or local: mustard, salt, pepper, garlic salt.


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