One hoop down

Yesterday we attended an infant care class.  It seemed pretty useful with less of the “fluff” of Lamaze class.  That’s one of the benefits of taking these classes on one day over the weekend vs. spread out over a few sessions over the weeknights.  Our Lamaze class was full of “get to know you” crap, and “here are cute pictures of my grandkids” and “isn’t this greeting card funny about pregnancy.”  I mean, people bust out of work early, get in their cars to fight rush hour traffic, find some way to shnarf down dinner and make it to these classes on time and then they feel like they can waste our time and fill it with fluff.  Whereas on the weekend, when we typically have more flexibility, they are really respectful of our time. Lesson learned: always always always do the one day intensive!

Now all we have left to do is a breastfeeding class and we’re done with the class hoop jumping before they give us our baby. 🙂

Tonight, we’ll be making a whole roasted (local/free range) chicken, and then I’ll be turning the carcass/giblets into stock for the week.  We missed our farmer’s market yesterday because of the class, so I’ll have to wing it on meals for the rest of the week.


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