Yup, it’s a slow down.

Ring-o-binder-clipsStill another week till my materinty leave starts, but I have nothing to do at work.  About the most productive thing I did today was this ring-o-binder-clips. This is particularly frustrating where theoretically there are so many other things I could be doing with my time.  Getting the nursery ready, cooking stuff, etc.

Tonight’s dinner: steak enchiladas.  I’ll be taking pictures of the process. Let’s see how it goes.

Update: Dinner looked a bit like a hot mess — but it tasted good.  In the spirit of honesty, I’m uploading the pics anyway.


Onions (which I carmelized), tomatoes and cheddar cheese from the farmers’ market.  Also a local jack cheese from the Natural Sun Grocery down the street.


Steak — likely not local or grassfed.  My parents pawned it off on me as a leftover from a family dinner.


Finished product — green onions and lime from farmers market, avocados from the local grocery down the street.  The Enchilada sauce is Casa Linda’s Kitchens – from Pittsburg, California.  Corn tortillas were the Mollie Stone’s generic label with a Mill Valley address — I still don’t know if that it means it’s local, or if they get their stuff from distributors from all over the place.

We ate it all.

So, other than the steak and seasonings, I think we’re still legit w/in the eat local challenge.


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