What If Your Life Changed Tomorrow?

This is a really bizarre time in our lives.  J. is tuned in to every sound I make, wondering if it’s time to go to the hospital.  Every sigh, grunt, or oy is followed by “anything going on?” “you ok?” or “is it time?”   This is particularly true in the middle of the night — niether one of us is getting a deep sleep because we feel as though at any minute our life will change dramatically.

That started me thinking: how would people live life if they walked with an awareness that at any moment life could completely change?  Are there things you would do more?  Less?  Would you tell the people close to you how you feel about them? Would you spend less time doing things that don’t make you happy?  Would you savor things like they were the last time you would get to have them?

J. and I have been savoring our alone time.  We’ve had a few dates where we pondered our life together so far, and have hit up the theatre.  It will be quite some time till we go to a show or movie together.  I also got a hair cut.  Nothing extreme — but it’s the kind of thing I would have put off till a more special occasion if I didn’t have a milestone coming up.


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