A Sneak Peek at Life in a Few Days


I’m just about ready to pop — as people are fond of saying around me — but for the last few days I’ve been hanging out with my sister helping to take care of her new son (who will be a week old tomorrow) while she recovers.  Feeding, changing, shushing, bouncing, the works.  On the one hand, it makes me antsy to get to that stage with my own son — to enter motherhood.  But, on the other, as my sis wisely points out, I will only be pregnant a few times in my life and I should appreciate this stage for what it is.

That’s a lesson I should also take with me when Max is here.  Rather than focusing on the next phase (when he sleeps through the night, or when he eats solid food, or when he starts talking), I should be in the present and appreciate where he is that day because he’ll never be that age again.


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