New Parenthood – where exhaustion meets compromise

First off, I’m delirious.  The sleep has been lacking, the pain meds still in effect (sort of), and the frustration of feeling totally helpless on a lot of fronts is creeping in.  And I notice that already we are doing things we thought we’d never do.

For instance, we were sure that co-sleeping (sleeping in the same bed with the baby) was not for us.  Well, within the first night when Max would not sleep unless he was right next to us (bassinet right next to bed didn’t do the trick) we brought him into the bed and got a few hours of tentative sleep.

I worry about what other compromises I might be making out of exhaustion.  We decided to go with cloth diapers.  So far, other than them being bulkier than disposables, they seem to be working ok.  The first brand of diaper cover did not work very well, but the other brand was good (and much cuter pattern). 

Let’s end this post on a cute note.

Max showing off his pajamas with feet!

Max showing off his pajamas with feet!


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  1. Mommy, Esq. said,

    December 28, 2008 at 10:49 am

    Occasionally I did that (brought kid to bed) but really it made my sleep so much worse. They don’t “sleep like a baby” – no, grunts, movements, every little thing to rob you of your limited sleep. I also turn the monitor WAY down (to lowest setting). Max will let you know when he needs you. How goes the BF? My love and support are shooting to you via the web!

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