Epiphany on day trips

I realized two facts.

1.  My maternity leave is up in 4 months.

2. When I go back to work I’ll barely ever get to see my family till I have another job or profession.

To me, this means I have to find a way to overcome all the drama and make it out of the house for day trips, exploration, memory making, etc.

J. said something to me the other day as we were leaving a restaurant having only had a few sips of our cocktails — “our life of going out is not over, but our life of going out spontaneously, is.”  I almost cried on the spot.

Well, if planning is what it takes, that’s what I have to do.

The challenges I have to get over:

1. being chained to the pump — am currently on a 3-4 hr schedule of pumping.

2. getting over the anxiety of changing diapers outside of the house.

3.  managing the weather — it is winter, even if only California winter.

4. managing moderate distances with baby in the car.  Will he cry during longish stretches?  Will he sleep the whole time and then cry when we get there, making us want to get back in the car?

5. finding non-chain restaurants that don’t give us the stinkeye when they see us with a baby.

Anything else I should be thinking about/ planning around?  Is there an age where it’s easier to do this? (Don’t say 18   )



  1. Mommy, Esq. said,

    February 3, 2009 at 6:10 am

    My maternity leave is over in one month! #2 is so true – I actually just blogged about it. Your husband is also right. Husband and I were talking about how it will be at least another year before we can take the kids out for breakfast on the weekends. Instead of worrying about schlepping my kids around to make memories we try to do it at home with them. And take lots of photos. Once you try to get Max on a nap schedule (and read “Healthy Sleep Habits for a Happy Baby”) you won’t be able to go out because it will basically be eating, play time (for like 40 mins), down for a nap. I’d recommend instead trying to join a local play group with other new moms that you can drop into. Or that you can host – I like to host some moms at my house. Because our weather is terrible we can’t even do walks. But my kids just had their first cold and we’ve survived it – they probably don’t get sick because we don’t expose them to too much. My mom said that the 3 of us didn’t leave the house for about 3 years except summer family vacations. And we have lots of lovely memories (and photos) of Christmas, summers at Cape Cod, etc. And we are very close to our grandparents who visited us (or we visited them) often. Once Max can walk and is down to 1 nap a day you can do so much more with him – at least that is what I hope for my kids!

    P.S. Still having to pump that often? At least Max gets lots of breastmilk, right?

  2. jerseygirl77 said,

    February 6, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    Hmm, you bring up a lot of valid points. Here are my thoughts, worth exactly what you paid for ’em. 😉

    Yes, spontaneity is gone. I don’t know when it comes back- we certainly don’t have it and won’t for some time. Truth be told, I’m not really a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl anyway, so this is not something I miss terribly.

    The pumping thing- will get better. By 6 months old, each of my boys was only nursing about 5x a day, during daylight hours only. What a difference that makes.

    The diaper thing totally gets better with practice. Just bring plenty of dipes, plenty of wipes, and a spare outfit or two and you’ll be prepared for pretty much anything.

    Can’t help ya with the weather. It’s cold as crap here.

    Car trips improve first around 3-4 months when they stop hating the carseat so much and screaming every time you stop at a red light. (Or is that just my kids?) Then, as you learn how best to plan trips around his naptimes, it gets easier again. Plus if you keep his routine as consistent as possible, even away from home, it will cut down on crying/fussiness when you travel.

    Restaurants- we don’t go to many with the kids aside from casual/family places. Ignore the stinkeye. How else do children get socialized unless they are taken to social settings?? As long as he’s not screaming his head off or running around the restaurant like a wild animal…

    Life does get way easier on 1 nap a day, that is for sure. Unfortunately, it takes 12-18 months to get to that point. Of course, right around the time things get easier, silly me, I go and get pregnant again. Hahahaha

  3. almostima said,

    February 6, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    Good points. It also occurs to me that these outtings will be as much about socializing J. and I as they will be socializing Max.

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