Lethargic Posting

So, as I go through my day, sometimes I have flashes of inspiration on topics to write about on the blog.  Then, by the time things simmer down and I get to the computer I can’t remember any of them.  My mind is not as sharp as it used to be.  My body feels wrecked at the end of the night.  I guess bouncing a 13 lb child is tough on my out of shape body (including my back).  I’m also tired of my shlumpy wardrobe but refuse to admit this is my new body shape, and thus, refuse to buy any new clothes.

I’ve also not posted my meals, because, sadly, they haven’t been very local, so I haven’t been as proud of them.  It was raining cats and dogs on our farmer’s market days the last two weeks, so we’ve been making do.  Last night I made fried chicken.  Tonight I made 3-meatball minestroni — lamb, italian sausage and beef mixture.

I hope this is just transition stuff and that I can get to a more energetic place.  Maybe it will coincide with Max sleeping through the night and my not having insomnia during the previous times when he is sleeping.



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  1. Mommy, Esq. said,

    February 25, 2009 at 9:37 am

    It wasn’t until after I decreased the BFing (in your case, pumping) and they were sleeping better that I was able to feel rested. I always napped when they did at their first AM nap and that helped. Don’t know what it is about boys but they always seem to wake up more at night – ned did despite his weight.

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