Dark Days: Making Up for Lost Time

We had two weekends with rain where we didn’t make it to the farmer’s market.  As a result, many-a-meals were comprised of cabinet scroungings.  Then my nesting instincts kicked in and I felt the need to bulk up on food staples.  This translated into a meat buying spree at costco which I’m not particularly proud of.   Instead of buying cuts of meat from the friendly couple of Old Creek Ranch I bought from a faceless corporation who doesn’t disclose where the meat comes from, but I’m guessing not local.  The cashier didn’t ask me how Max was growing, or if I was feeling better than last week.  He didn’t slip a few extra avocados into my bag with a knowing wink.   So, when I saw the wife at the market today and only bought oranges and limes, but no meat, I felt like I had cheated on my hair dresser!

So, while still not where I’d like to be, today I made an effort to focus on local foods for all three meals.  Breakfast was pancakes and raspberries.  The local ingredients: raspberries, egg, butter, milk.  Yummy but forgot to take a picture.

For lunch, we had a pre-made organic pizza from a local company.

For dinner, steak with a rosemary, sage and pepper crust with balsamic roasted potatoes, garlic and onions and mixed greens.  All local but the steak (see above).



  1. Theresa said,

    March 2, 2009 at 9:04 am

    Hey, at least you HAVE a farmers market in February! You are too hard on yourself 🙂 You would just die if you saw the produce department at our local Whole Foods – literally nothing, NOTHING is local right now. Just the way it is in New England in February.

  2. March 5, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    […] she was cheating on a friend after buying from a source not local, Einat still found a way to make three local meals in one day. Up first were pancakes and raspberries, then organic pizza from a local company. Topping it all […]

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