Save the Mom, Save the World

(If any of you watch the show “Heroes”, there’s a line in the series that is “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” )

I’ve complained a lot about the consumerist culture in this country, and I think I more fully understand a big chunk of why we have this trait. 

During this maternity leave, I find myself at home, a lot.   Finding any reason to get out of the house and check something off of a to-do list feels like I have had purpose to my day.   Other moms can probably back me up on this … but when husband comes home and asks you about your day and you scrounge for anything to justify what you did with yourself today, you feel fairly unproductive and unimportant.

But shopping, however, has the triple effect of getting you out of the house, helping the day go by, and making you feel like you accomplished something by picking something up that you may or may not really need.  (And if you have a baby like mine that craves road trips, that’s a 4th reason)

Not to seem like I’m dumping on stay-at-home moms, working moms are equally to blame for so-called convenience buying or guilt buying.

What do I do to cope?  I find that on days where I have some community interaction, I’m less likely to want to shop.  Being isolated at home is just not how we were meant to raise kids.   We need family and friends around to pick up the baby when you are just so burned out you want to cry right along with him.  Buying stuff is no substitute.

When I do buy something, I tend to ask myself if I really need this, and if I really need this right now.

I think if we reformed moms, we’d reform the world.



  1. Mommy, Esq. said,

    April 10, 2009 at 9:00 am

    I had the same issue except I was paying a babysitter to watch the kids. Then I’d leave the house so I would get a break but end up shopping. Paying someone so I could spend money. I also feel that now I’m back to working my weekends (mostly just Saturday) are all about spending money – grocery shopping, stuff for the kids. I think it is okay (and helps the economy) to spend money but it is stupid to buy stuff that is name brand or just because it is geared toward mommies (e.g., the Mom Clip).

  2. Gretchen said,

    April 10, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    I don’t even have a baby as an excuse and still find that I spend more money when I’m bored. I’ve started going to the library a lot – doesn’t cost a dime and I can spend an hour just browsing. Of course my library is walkable, so the walk there and back is half the fun.

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