Cuz If I Can’t See It I Can’t Eat It

IMG_3777Today at the Farmer’s market, we couldn’t stop ooohing and aaahing about the wonderful new produce that is showing up.  We picked up quite a bit of fruit and I was worried that I’d forget about them in various corners of the fridge and they would go to waste.  So, I decided to turn the fruits that can handle it into table decor.  Sure enough, this afternoon when I got peckish, I reached for an apple because it was close by and looked good.  Normally I would grab a piece of bread with some homemade mayo.  Clearly this approach is more figure friendly.  Here’s hoping it pays off.

Meanwhile, Max had his first Mango today and he was a big fan.

Our tentative meal plan for the week includes:

  • Lamb sliders with cucumber, tomato, onion salad (which we had tonight – YUM)
  • Half avocados with homemade salsa and shrimp, served alongside broccoli/cauliflour quiche
  • Pork chops with fingerlings potatoes and a huge squash
  • Pasta with sausage and leeks in a cream sauce
  • Veggie Stir Fry

There are some open slots for nights when Jeff will be working late and I may have leftovers.


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