Saving is FUNdamental: Making a Meal Plan

Here’s the current meal plan for the week:

  • zucchini pasta carbonara
  • Roast chicken with carrot salad
  • Roasted veggie pizza (since we liked it so much last week)
  • Fritatta with spicey sausage, potatoes, torpedo onions, cheese, tomato for garnish
  • Salmon with asparagus & rice

The salmon was the priciest dish of the bunch — $16.95 lb.  There are other minor splurges in there — like the pasta is from the farmer’s market and is a fresh pasta (which we then freeze).  It’s much cheaper to go the dry pasta route and buy in bulk.  And, of course, the chicken is of the pricey organic/free range variety.  The pork sausage is pasture raised. 

As I look to tightening my budget even further, I’m still not willing to compromise on the source or quality of the meat.   The pasta, however, I am considering going the cheaper route.

For the following week, I want to brainstorm regarding cheaper meals to make with turkey/chicken or just vegetarian options.  I am not a huge fan of poultry, but I need to make some compromises if I want to increase my savings.

Another huge challenge I made for myself is nixing the eating out for lunch.  I need to either pack my lunch, or go home for lunch (which will give me the added bonus of seeing Max and J. at lunch time.  I guess I have to make an exception for days when I didn’t bring my lunch and work requires me to work through lunch.  This one will be hard.


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