7 Months Already

IMG_4175Max turned 7 months yesterday.  He’s sitting, crawling, pulling himself up on things and generally attacking life without fear.

This picture was taken when we were at a cafe last week.  He was gnawing on a freshly baked roll.  Then I fed him a little leftover mashed up avocado off of J’s plate.  I love being able to give him real people food in public.  He was making “mmmm” sounds and my heart was melting as I beemed with pride.


Stuffed Squash

J.’s comment when he tasted it was “it’s like meatloaf only without the suck.” 

IMG_4188This was a throw together meal.  I used this recipe.  J. couldn’t find any Russian dressing at the store, so we made our own with this recipe.  The meat was a beef pork blend from our farmer’s market vendor.  The breadcrumbs were made from leftover bread.  The leftover dressing was used to dress our salad greens from the market, supplemented with some of our aerogarden greens, and the resurrected romaine.

I had extra meat because the recipe was for three squashes and I only had one.  So then I put it in a cute little yellow bell pepper.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Here’s the result of the strawberry jam making day.   I feel so proud every time I hand a jar to friends and family.  Sure, one can find a perfectly fine jar of jam at the grocery store for like $4, I guess.  But when I hand out a jar like this, it’s like giving a jar of love. 


IMG_4179I made about 6 jars of jam off of about two pints of strawberries, a handful of blueberries, and half of an apple.

One Suit at a Time

I’m due in court today.  I have managed to fit into one of my suits.  I consider this a small victory, but there is more to do!  I think i may just be one or two pounds away from my next two power suits.  August 5th is the next court date.  If I stay on track, I should be able to do it. 

Cross your fingers for me!

Blackberry BBQ Sauce To Die For

First, my apologies.  We devoured dinner and forgot to take pictures until there was nothing but rib bones on the plate.

Inspired by what I saw at Blue Moon Organics last week, I decided to use up the leftover pint of blackberries we had by making a blackberry BBQ sauce.  It was fantastic on baby back ribs.

The only change I made to the recipe was cooking it on the stove top for just a few minutes on low heat rather than putting it in the microwave.  If you ask me, it didn’t really need any heating at all as we basted the ribs with it and put them under the broiler.

We ate the ribs alongside a nice heirloom tomato and cucumber salad.

We promised ourselves we’d repeat the meal this week so that I can take proper pictures.  See the sacrifices I make for you guys?

We took a 2 hour walk today.  Along the route there was a man selling cases of strawberries.  Since I could smell them from across the street, I had to get them.  We had two pints for dessert and I’ll use the remainder for jam.  The case was $10.  Normally we’d pay $7 for 1/3 of the size.  Sounds like a good excuse for strawberry jam to me.  I’ll be using Ina Garten’s recipe.  However, I think I’ll skip the liquor as I don’t have any at home and would rarely use it.

And weight progress… have dropped 3 pounds so far from my plateau.  Let’s hope I can keep it up!

Organic Puffs and Apple Sauce

I tried to avoid puffs.  I really did.  But then Max didn’t do so well with cheerios.  He would swallow them whole and then start coughing.  So, I half caved.  Half caved because I bought puffs that were organic, no preservatives, or food colorings.  Max has taken to them better.IMG_4130

I was surprised, however, to see that Max was not a huge fan of apple sauce.  I made it myself.  I  thought itIMG_4135 tasted good and I don’t even like applesauce!

Blue Moon & a Bright Sun

IMG_4154  We had a lovely time this weekend at Blue Moon Organics.  The fields in the background are strawberry fields.  I can personally verify that their strawberries were delicious!  As were their blackberries.  There’s nothing like picking fruit while it’s still warm from the sun’s glow.

Max did great on this little trip.  But every boy has his limits.

$1000 Weight Loss Challenge

If someone told you that they would give you $1000 if you lost 8 pounds in two weeks (with a promise to keep it off, so, no starvation short cut), you would probably think, I could do that!  

So, why is it, that when I look at my wardrobe, and my upcoming court appearances, and I consider buying a few new suits for my new size, do I not look at this as a $1000 challenge?  I mean, that’s pretty much what it would cost to get a few new suits.  If I lost the weight in the next couple of weeks, I wouldn’t need to buy the clothes, and I would keep that money in my pocket.  AND I’D FINALLY BE DONE WITH THE BABY WEIGHT!  What more motivation do I really need?

What kind of stuff would you commit to do for that $1000?  Gym every day?  More than once a day?  Super strict diet?  I mean, the whole “livin’ in moderation” ain’t working for me, so I feel like I need to kick it into gear somehow…but it’s really hard to motivate when it’s 90+ degrees out, and two steps outside the house feels so oppressive.  (whine whine whine)

I’m sure it also doesn’t help that dinner turned out to be much greasier than I planned.  I wanted to do fish tacos, but we had an impromptu, non-fish eating guest, so I changed it to ground beef soft tacos.  Then I found out we did not actually have tortillas, so I used an arabic style tortilla called “Malawach” which we had in the freezer, but it turned out to be really greasy and now I feel kinda gross.

And this after passing on free bagels and chips at work!

Life Finds a Way

IMG_4141Life finds a way.  I always loved that line out of Jurassic Park.  It reminds me that even out of the worst circumstances, life has a resiliency that cannot be underestimated.

For instance: when my inlaws gave me the head of lettuce, they pulled it out by the root system.  We cut off all the leaves, and I considered junking the root. But then I thought, why not stick it in one of my half empty pots, with a little homemade compost and see if it survives.  I was sure it would just be the latest addition to my garden of death (you know, dead plants you can’t seem to throw out?).   Well … whaddaya know, a few new leaves are growing!

Meanwhile, my aerogarden is working on some mixed greens, as well.


A Family Harvest

IMG_4064(Sorry I’ve been so late to post — had computer drama which should hopefully be fixed now.)

Last weekend we went to my inlaws’ house and harvested the beautiful lettuce and torpedo onions from their backyard.  We ate the romaine with homemade caesar dressing that night.  Then we ate the red leaf lettuce with a wonderful 4th of July bbq where Max ate his first chicken!

The torpedo onions I used in homemade salsa that we ate with local monterey black cod fish tacos.

This weekend I’m going to an event I’m really excited about!  A friend of mine helped start a values-based catering company (green/local, etc.) and they are having an event to showcase their food.  Check them out at http://www.gastronautsf.com/.

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