First Fever

IMG_4362We’re on day 3 of Max’s first fever.  It got as high at 104.2.  He’s refusing liquids and food and medicine.  We’re hoping he’s past the worst of it now, but we’re not there yet.

We went to the doctor’s and weren’t told anything particularly revolutionary.  Probably just a virus.

Poor little guy.


A Big Thumbs Up for Novella

I finished reading Farm City: the Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter.  LOVED IT!  I can’t say it made me want to raise a pig in the back yard, but it sure made me want to be friends with someone who does and share in the bounty. 🙂

I think what resonated most with me is the spirit of a person who is determined to follow her own quirky way of shaping the world into what she wants it to be, regardless if it makes sense to those around her.  I see me in her, with my stupid indoor composter (which has basically died all together now — Boo!).

There is a rocky parking lot near my building in which a little ol’ lady has squatted, with a couple of raised beds of herbs and onions.    Before I had to contend with a stroller, I would always detour by there to see how the plants were doing.   I think there is a little Novella in quite a lot of us.

She’s having a tour of her farm at the end of the month.  I’d really like to go, but I don’t think I can swing a trip to Oakland with Max on my own.  (J. is in rehearsals for his new play.)  Too bad, because now she has cute little goats.

Sleeping on a Slice of Heaven

We left town again this weekend to go to a friend’s wedding in wine country.  Max stayed home with my folks and had fun kiddie-pool time, and even went to a petting zoo (wish I could have been there for that one).

As you may know, one of my favorite things about getting away is a night of uninterrupted sleep since Max does not sleep through the night.  Unfortunately, the jerks in the hotel room next to us who decided to have a 3am party didn’t get the memo.  I had to face the fact that I am old now when I called the front desk and asked that someone come up to break it up.

Sleeping on another bed only confirmed for me that our mattress sucks.  So, exhausted, we went yesterday to the mattress store.  I wondered aloud if going to the mattress store when you are tired was as bad an idea as going to the grocery store when you are hungry.  Will every bed feel inviting and amazing?  Eventually we settled on a pillow-top bed with some memory foam pillows.  The best part was that they had same day delivery.

We slept on a little slice of heaven last night, and Max slept till 5 or so!  I wonder if a few more weeks on this bed and maybe I’ll have the energy to do more, like work out!

Puppy Love

Max has been an old hand with cats.  Well, one cat, Stella.  But today, Max met Pete!  Pete is an adorable puppy of a friend of mine who is expecting a little girl.  Pete performed very well and was sweet and gentle with Max.  Max was at first wide eyed, and then giddy with excitement.


Work Life Imbalance

I took this picture a few weeks ago for a post about work life balance.  I was too busy to download it till now.  Nuff said.


Today’s Goal: Costco Restraint

For the first time in many months, I’m heading to Costco.  We’re running really low on bulk items.  Here’s hoping — no, affirming — that I will not make stupid purchases like that vat of dehydrated mushrooms I bought a year ago and am still trying to get rid of.

My dad will be coming along to entertain Max as I dash through the aisles.  Also, Costco has started carrying more “green” products, so if it’s good for the environment, and good for my budget, (and good for business), I’m all for supporting that.  Also, now that we’ve got two working parents, it’s much harder to dash to the local store to pick up one off detergent-type item, while contending with nap times, meal times, too-hot-to-be-outside times.

Is this my slow transformation to conformist soccer mom?  Will the adoption of a convenience here and a short cut there, a few years down the road, render me unrecognizable from who I want to be?  It’s like I have the choice between the crunchy earth mother and the  power lawyer with no time for “back to the land” quaintness.   Time is such a luxury.

Update:  Successful day.  No random impulse purchases.  Though, I did put myself through the mental exercise of cruising the aisles, looking at what I impulsively wanted, and then rationally deciding why I didn’t need it.  (i.e., Hello giant back of organic pepper potato chips!  Oh wait, I can’t fit my clothes.  Next!)  It’s the whole Need vs. Want debate.  Taking a breath before making a purchase gives me a little bit of time to make the more conservative choice.

Day Care Adventures

daycare-first dayLife feels upside down.  Max started day care last week.  This is a picture from his first day.  He’s on the left and cousin Hal is on the right.  They play very nicely when they aren’t smacking each other in the face.

My schedule has been a self-imposed busy.  There’s work to do so I’m putting in all the hours that I can, while i still can.  That means that I barely cook.  This combined with the fact that J. is back at work and also rehearsing a new play, means my life is a lot of convenience cooking for one.   (slices of bread w/farmer’s market spreads)

Sadly, this translated to Max, too.  For the first time, gasp, I sent him to day care with store bought jarred baby food during his first week.  It was just beyond my comprehension to adapt what I would do at home to send him to school.  But today I was able to cobble together some homemade food for him.  I froze some carrot & potato mash in ice cube trays and then stuffed a couple of frozen cubes in a jar.  I put organic puffs in another jar.  Then yogurt in a third jar.  Lastly, I had a container of minced pears, which he’s totally not into, so I’m giving up on that.

Why the switch back?  Max developed a bit of a face rash, and since I didn’t know if it was anything in the jars, I gave it up for now.

Meanwhile, one week in and I have a cold.  It’s nearly 100 degrees out and I’m drinking a bunch of hot soup.  Ugh.

Car Seat Conundrum

A while back we bought the Britax Marathon car seat for my car.  We were going to test it out for a while, see if Max liked it, and then buy another one for J.’s car.  It seems to work fine.  Really, all you want in a car seat is that it keep your baby safe and sound in a crash and is not a total pain to operate.

Well, I was in a conversation with some other moms and they were talking about how they considered getting this car seat, but then got the next model up, the “Boulevard” because it had cushions by the head to protect against side impact.

So, here’s my confusion — does that mean that my $250 dollar monstrosity of a car seat doesn’t protect against side impact?  Or does that mean that the extra cushions on the next model are a gimmick?  Because I”d expect a big frickin’ warning sign on my carseat if it’s not designed to protect my baby from a routine impact.

Any words of wisdom?

A Rare Book Club Moment

I admit it.  I rarely read books.  It’s usually on vacation that I actually have enough relaxing time that I’m inspired to read.

Last weekend, J. and I had a quick escape to Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival.  We left Max with my folks for two nights.  

This vacation was an opportunity to multi-task the little errands I wouldn’t have time for at home.  Getting a pedicure was definitely on that list. 🙂  So was two nights of fabulous sleep!  I also made my own face cream at a store called Alchemy.

Anyhoo, back to my point.  In a little shop, I picked up this great book called Farm City, by Novella Carpenter.  She’s an Oakland woman writing about her experience of turning the abandoned lot next to her apartment into an urban farming oasis, complete with honeybees, turkey, pig, chickens, and of course, fruits and veggies.  The writing is delightful and inspirational.  Someday…

Just saw that she has a blog!  Woo hoo…I’ll be following that.

Baby Cage Wrestling Match

Max and Cousin Hal dukin’ it out.