Day Care Adventures

daycare-first dayLife feels upside down.  Max started day care last week.  This is a picture from his first day.  He’s on the left and cousin Hal is on the right.  They play very nicely when they aren’t smacking each other in the face.

My schedule has been a self-imposed busy.  There’s work to do so I’m putting in all the hours that I can, while i still can.  That means that I barely cook.  This combined with the fact that J. is back at work and also rehearsing a new play, means my life is a lot of convenience cooking for one.   (slices of bread w/farmer’s market spreads)

Sadly, this translated to Max, too.  For the first time, gasp, I sent him to day care with store bought jarred baby food during his first week.  It was just beyond my comprehension to adapt what I would do at home to send him to school.  But today I was able to cobble together some homemade food for him.  I froze some carrot & potato mash in ice cube trays and then stuffed a couple of frozen cubes in a jar.  I put organic puffs in another jar.  Then yogurt in a third jar.  Lastly, I had a container of minced pears, which he’s totally not into, so I’m giving up on that.

Why the switch back?  Max developed a bit of a face rash, and since I didn’t know if it was anything in the jars, I gave it up for now.

Meanwhile, one week in and I have a cold.  It’s nearly 100 degrees out and I’m drinking a bunch of hot soup.  Ugh.


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  1. Mommy, Esq. said,

    August 11, 2009 at 4:51 am

    I swear I get every illness the kids do. And it sucks. It makes it feel like you are working so much more than you are. We really should catch up sometime – I’m impressed your are billing. I think I’m on track for 1000 hours this year – a far, far cry of pre-kids, better economy billing I used to do. So great that he can go to daycare with Hal!

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