Today’s Goal: Costco Restraint

For the first time in many months, I’m heading to Costco.  We’re running really low on bulk items.  Here’s hoping — no, affirming — that I will not make stupid purchases like that vat of dehydrated mushrooms I bought a year ago and am still trying to get rid of.

My dad will be coming along to entertain Max as I dash through the aisles.  Also, Costco has started carrying more “green” products, so if it’s good for the environment, and good for my budget, (and good for business), I’m all for supporting that.  Also, now that we’ve got two working parents, it’s much harder to dash to the local store to pick up one off detergent-type item, while contending with nap times, meal times, too-hot-to-be-outside times.

Is this my slow transformation to conformist soccer mom?  Will the adoption of a convenience here and a short cut there, a few years down the road, render me unrecognizable from who I want to be?  It’s like I have the choice between the crunchy earth mother and the  power lawyer with no time for “back to the land” quaintness.   Time is such a luxury.

Update:  Successful day.  No random impulse purchases.  Though, I did put myself through the mental exercise of cruising the aisles, looking at what I impulsively wanted, and then rationally deciding why I didn’t need it.  (i.e., Hello giant back of organic pepper potato chips!  Oh wait, I can’t fit my clothes.  Next!)  It’s the whole Need vs. Want debate.  Taking a breath before making a purchase gives me a little bit of time to make the more conservative choice.


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