HGTV Has Taken Over My Brain

Work has picked up dramatically.  I’ve been pulling long hours reviewing documents from my couch.  The lawyers out there know that this is the kind of work that demands TV background noise to keep from falling asleep on the keyboard.

My drug of choice since we made the offer on the house has been HGTV.  This network has basically two shows with ten different names.  The shows basically fall into two categories.  How to buy a house and how to fix a house (presumably to sell it).  I watch these thinking that they will get me up to speed on a process that is very foreign to me.  I have an absurd hope that they will give me that golden nugget of information that will make me feel like I have mastered this whole deal. 

However, I did get a nice idea last night.  I have a couch and a love seat that have good bones, but the cushions are a disaster from age, wear and tear, and Max’s spit up days.  I had previously resigned myself to keep the dated looking couches because there’s no use in buying something nice just to see your kid innocently wreck it while playing trampoline, or what have you.   I mean, how many time can you utter: “See, this is why we don’t have nice things!”?

My idea is to get two different slip covers for the couches.  I’m thinking contrasting colors.  These allow me to repurpose my couches, feel good about a “makeover” style in the new house (for limited $) and wash any new kid vomit that might show up down the road!

The trick is, that I am the first to admit that I have no style.  I worry that the house will still look like a “before” picture in one of these shows.  Oh, if only a hyper-peppy host and her efficient crew could pop out of the TV and show me the way.

Move-in day is just 3 weeks away…


Family Photos

And to prove we’re all still alive (barely)…


Ribs & Fried Rabbit

It’s been a long while since I uploaded photos.  This is because if I’m at home and near a computer, it’s my work computer and it’s a pain in the ass to switch over.

These are pics of a night of fried rabbit, and a night of blackberry bbq sauce rips with green tomato salad.  Good stuff.  I made this stuff more than a month ago.

Today I made baba ganouj.  Stay tuned for photos of that in January 2010.

Figgy Goodness

My parents’ fig tree really delivered this year.  I took a sack full home and made 4 jars of fig jam after work.  I used pectin for the first time, but I may not have used enough because it doesn’t look all that thick in the jar.   I think it might be nice on top of a warmed brie on french bread.

I know what you’re thinking…who has time to make fig jam?  Well, I didn’t really.  I have a long memo to read, lending documents to go over, and hours of electronic doc review to do.  But sometimes you just have to do something that reconnects you with your spirit (and it would have killed me to toss these figs …).  I like that I didn’t even have to explain this to J.  He knew I needed some space tonight and he handled Max so that I could this. 

And while I was in the kitchen jammin’ (sorry, couldn’t resist), I also whipped up dinner — it’s efficient to cook two things at once.  I made lamb kefta-kabobs in wholewheat pitas with a cucumber salad.

And that rump roast from the other night … I used the leftovers to make shredded beef soft tacos last night.  All it took is adding some Mexican spices and a can of diced tomatoes to re-hydrate the beef.

Operation “eat down our food supply” is going fairly well.

Ta-da-da-da Inspector Gadget

So, we’ve had a termite inspection, two physical inspections, a masonry inspection, an electrical inspection, a plumbing inspection and a furnace inspection.

Some biggish things. Some small things. Many small things that could add up to a big thing.  Trying to keep some emotional detachment at this stage while trying to keep on top of an ever increasing to-do list at work and at home.

Re-re-remember when I used to post pretty pictures on this blog of stuff I cooked?  That was awesome.  (Tribute to Chris Farley)

Last night we made a 6-hr slow cooked rump roast with roasted potato and salad greens.  All from the farmer’s market except for the basting liquids and salad dressing.

The Life Update

I haven’t been writing much lately because the schedule has been super tight. 

Our typical day feels like a wrestling tag team.  One entertains the baby (who is now standing on his own and falling on every hard surface imaginable) while the other does a household chore, is doing work, or is in rehearsals.  This last month has been so crazy because J. is in full swing rehearsal mode most nights of the week.  I’ve kicked my billing into higher gear because I feel like I have to be at the top to avoid being at risk — so, I’m doing about 40 hrs/month above the average.  And as if that wasn’t enough, we’re buying a house.

I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface on the house front.  We had some inspections, and let’s just say nothing is easy.  I always thought escrow would just feel like a formality and a waiting game till you eventually step into the house.  I now realize that it’s important to maintain an emotional detachment during this time because you have to be willing to walk away.  So, escrow is a little like holding your breath.

The idea of “me time” is a total joke.  Every spare minute is spent billing if Max is asleep, and watching Max and doing a household chore if he’s awake.  The idea of getting a hair cut, pedicure, or just catching up on the phone with friends I haven’t seen in a long time is feeling really unreachable.

I’m guessing we have at least 3 months before life finds a balance.

No More Wire Hangers, Seriously!

We have started some of the “stuff purge.”  I always wondered why it felt like I had a closet full of stuff but nothing to wear.  I now know what part of the problem was.  Too many damn hangers.  I counted 68 wire hangers that I removed from the closet!  These are all being taken back the dry cleaners for recycling.  

It’s not like I have an empty closet now, but I feel like I have breathing room.

Imagining the Possibilities

I suppose when most people buy a house, the first things they think about are where the furniture is going to go, or unpacking boxes, or meeting the neighbors. 

I, however, can’t stop thinking about all the exciting opportunities with the outside space.  Where will the ‘legit’ compost pile go? Will I finally get some worms for vermicomposting?  Will it be too late in the season to plant anything edible?  How do I make a raised bed?  Where will I find untreated lumber, mulch and the right soil?  Will we get a BBQ grill this season?

The excitement is also tempered by fear.  What if the garden I have wanted for so long fails because I don’t know what I’m doing?  Will I feel like this whole ‘workin’ the land’ vision was just a pipe dream?

I’m also thinking about having my first garage sale to get rid of bulky crap.  The new house is in a perfect location with nice amount of street traffic for a garage sale.  But then, I’m paying to move crap only to hope to sell it for pennies, and then if it doesn’t sell I have to get rid of it somehow again!

Home, Sweet Home

home Our offer was accepted.  A new chapter begins.

An Offer They Can’t Refuse?

Holy Crap.  We just made an offer on a house.  I don’t want to get my hopes up, and the waiting is killing me.

This kicks off another project!  It’s called let’s use up as much consumables so we don’t have to move them.   Additionally, based on the more limited closet space, it will also require thinning the wardrobe a bit.  Ironic since my wardrobe will be thinning, but my body — not so much.