A Scary Halloween

IMG_4609So, we got Max into his Dinosaur costume.  The poor guy was trucked all around town in that thing this week.  There was my work. J.’s work. The moms’ group.  Meanwhile, I was racing the clock to try to get a few more hours billed by the end of the month.

It didn’t hit me till I saw this picture.  Amazingly, I managed to inadvertently catch my timekeeping software in the shot.  So, while my family is living in the moment enjoying how adorable he is with his huge tail, I literally have one eye on the clock.  Sigh.


And Then I Remembered

As I come up for air from all the household errands and catching up at work, I am continually reminding myself why we embarked on this adventure.  And this is why:


So Max could eat dirt from our own yard.

We went to the farmer’s market in the next town over.   We had been there years earlier, but this was like a new birth!  To say we got carried away would be an understatement.  (let’s just say that the “frugality” tag would not apply). Some notable purchases:  Bison, french salami, kabanosi-type dry aged sausages, two artisan cheeses, olive oil, crenshaw melon, 4 types of peppers, and much more.  One thing I wanted to buy but held off till I research how to properly use them — duck eggs!

Tonight we ate ahi tuna in homemade wasabi mayo, with a dill cucumber salad.   I also used tonight’s “free” time to pre-make meatballs with beef and bison. (my commute is now 30 minutes, so that’s time I don’t really have to cook anymore).


Stella the cat is still pretty freaked out by the move.

Max crawls around the house squeeling with delight in each new discovery. 

I exhale and remember why.

Home At Last

IMG_4530This picture was taken of Max as we introduced him to his new room.  He took it very well.  I’m trying to harness that joy for myself as I deal with incredible “what else could go wrong?” stresses of buying and maintaining  house.

Today’s drama is that the Internet installation (which was attempted but failed on Monday) that should have taken a few minutes, took 5 hours.  I couldn’t stay for the five hours, so I left my dad in charge as I headed out to a meeting at work.  So that means my work computer was not “installed” by the professional.  He said it would be straightforward and I would have no problem doing it myself.

Well. Here I am.  My installation on my work computer was unsuccessful.  I just can’t afford another night with no billing.  I am so stressed out.  Thankfully I got a hold of the technician before the end of his shift and he graciously agreed to stop by on his way home.  Am waiting for him now.  (That’s why I have the luxury of typing a post on my own computer, while my work computer sits there like a paperweight.)

What else have we dealt with this week?  Plumber guy. Furnace guy.  Shower door installation guy.  Discovering our shower has no place to hang a towel and no wall space to speak of.  Finding some half solutions at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Researching what TV to buy.  Finding the cheap one we wanted after 3 store visits.  Thinking we were buying it.  Getting home to discover that they actually sold us a more expensive TV and charged us for it!  Returning it tomorrow.  Finding a bunch of junk of the previous owner and having to figure out how to haul it out of here.  Who leaves a mattress??? asshole.

Did I mention we don’t yet have a laundry machine?  Heading home to do laundry like a frickin’ college student is so not in my schedule right now.

I know my stess level is through the roof right now.  And I know Max deserves better.  But the list of things to do at home and at work is growing exponentially and I have no concept how it all will get done.

In Transition

This is one of the last, if not the last, post I’m writing from the old apartment.  As a nice going away gift, the floors seem to be leaking upwards in Max’s room — don’t ask me how, but the carpet is wet and getting wetter and there’s no explanation from above. 

This annoyance helps combat a little of the sadness that I’m feeling at leaving the place I’ve spent the last 4.5 years of my life.  This is where my husband and I dated.  This is where Max came to be.  There have been a lot of memories.



Nothing like some cobbler and hot apple cider to warm up the soul.

Life on Hold

I’m into the mental to do list.  I’m not great at making actual to do lists and crossing them out.  The problem with the mental to do list is when there’s a trigger event before anything can happen.  For instance, there’s a TON of stuff to do when we get to the new house.  But so much of it doesn’t happen until after we move or shortly before. 

As a result, I have a ton of stuff on my mind and no real outlet to get it done.  Sure, J. and I pack a box here and a box there, but they only serve as a reminder of how much more packing we have to do, yet we can’t jump on it yet because we need access to a lot of it over the next two weeks.  Then there’s also the issue of where in hell do we put the packed boxes while we live here?  It’s not like there’s a garage to tuck them away, so we’re living amongst the boxes.  Remember when a move use to be done in trickling car loads?  There was something simpler about that.  You pack what you can, what doesn’t make it now goes next time.  But with movers there’s this pressure to be 100% ready by a certain point in time and be extra efficient because there’s no coming back.

I look forward to standing at the doorway of the new house and pointing to where this item or that should go, and once the movers are gone, life will begin again.

Unfortunately, the blog has made it onto the “when we move into the house list.”  I think getting to all my photos on my computer will be easier when I get settled in to the new place and get some reliable wireless internet connection.  Any thoughts out there on cable vs. DSL?

Also, any thoughts on padding for Max’s room?  Should I do those ubiquitous interlocking mats, or a festive rug?   The mats seem kind of expensive for what they are, but the rug could be a slip and slide situation if it doesn’t grip properly.