Dark Days: Back on the Horse

I had to skip last week’s dark days meal.  It served as a strong reminder of how hard it is to cook locally when you miss the farmer’s market that week.  Oddly enough, my pantry is very unlocally friendly.  However, I expect that to change once I get a bumper crop from the garden and can start preserving stuff.

This week I had a grand plan of building a meal around the gorgeous herbs I’m growing.  I thought Lamb would be delightful with my mint and rosemary.  One thing led to another, and the recipe we used ended up not using the lamb and rosemary.  Don’t worry my pretties, I will find something nice to feature you.

We had lamb riblets from TLC ranch in watsonville.  Served along side local greenbeans cooked in local olive oil and local lemon.  The spices and glaze we used on the ribs not local. (Cola based)  Also not local is the baked potato J.’s family gave us as leftover from Christmas dinner.  Regardless, after the week I had, we’re counting this meal!


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