Dark Days: One Month’s Worth

You know, I don’t like to think of myself as an all or nothing personality, but maybe I am.  I know the challenge for Dark Day is one local meal a week.    But if I am consistent about shopping at the farmer’s market, it results in a lot more  than one meal a week because the source is mostly the same.  Makes sense to me.  The flip side is if you miss the farmer’s market, it’s quite difficult to cook locally, but then I beat myself up about it — as in, “it shouldn’t be that hard to cook one meal in a week, what’s wrong with me?”  I don’t cut myself slack enough and I really should.

Anyway.  Here’s a triple play.  First we cooked pork shoulder with a simple salad of greens and deliciously sweet carrots.  The leftover pork then went into a stir fry the next night with  local rice, egg, green onion broccoli and carrots.

Then I finally got a great use for our virginal rosemary:  slow cooked beef shanks cooked in local beer, carrots, onions (and non-local tomato sauce) that just melted in my mouth!  The side was a mix of root veggies from last week’s farmer’s market.   It feels good to put out meals that I am proud of again.


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