Garden Update: Night Stalker

I love taking pictures of the garden at night.  The flash really makes the plant look alive.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Mint – looking fantastic (I put it in my water…but I think I want to transition to mojitos!)
  • Arugula – lovely.  used it for a beet (farmer’s market) goat cheese salad this week.  I also put it in sandwiches.
  • The first spinach that I planted as a little transplant — I’ve harvested 4 leaves already and they were very tasty.  But there is some sort of critter that’s nibbling at it.  I tried spreading coffee grounds in the garden and I’m not sure if that’s helping yet or not.
  • those thin little strips you see are green onions!
  • The strawberry plant is gowing strong but I think we’re a ways away from fruit showing up.
  • Planted an orange tree!
  • Bought a striped lemon w/ pink flesh, a meyer lemon, and a bearss lime tree.  I need to figure out where it’s safe to plant them.  The one hitch is that I’d like to build a fence this spring and I don’t want them in the way.
  • Not photographed: I made another sheet mulching patch right next to the street.  When this one is ready for action I will use it as a butterfly garden patch.  The old sheet mulching patch needs quite a bit more time.
  • I also have started 7 types of heirloom tomatoes and chocolate peppers in egg cartons inside.  Two have already sprouted.  Stay tuned!

Next steps?  I think I want to plant a few more sunflower seeds — this time directly in the ground, and see what happens.  I think it may also be time to get some borage seeds going.

It’s been raining like MAD!  I think the plants are about to call for mercy, so here’s hoping we get some sun breaks.


1 Comment

  1. Theresa said,

    January 22, 2010 at 4:17 am

    I am just fascinated by things growing in January…I haven’t seen bare ground in a month and a half!

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