At Our Wits’ End

Where do I start?  I think we’re on night 5 with hardly any real sleep.

When Max first started teething and we’d complain to friends about the sleep interruptions and the pain, the veteran parents would tell us just wait till the molars come in.

Well, here we are.  We’re all miserable.  Max has not eaten in 2 full days.  He’s maybe taken in 3.5 ounces of liquids today.  He won’t let anything near his mouth.  We’ve tried Milk, formula, water, juice, sorbet.  Then we made him a banana milk shake and cut the top of the nipple to make a larger hole — hoping he would get a little bit of solid food that way.  Not a chance.  Eventually we had a little bit of success giving him a few sips of milk via a bottle cap.  We took him on a drive for an hour because we were hoping it would make him fall asleep (didn’t).  So on that trip I stopped by a CVS and got a medicine dropper to dispense milk to him that way.  I think I got another ounce down that way.

We tried Tylenol — which gave us a couple of hours of relief during the early nights.  We tried it again last night and he threw it up.  Picked up some disolvable teething tablets and we’re not sure they’re doing anything either.

We’re so frustrated because all of the things that usually work with Max aren’t working — and as a Jewish mother I just can’t stand it when he won’t eat!  I know he won’t starve — but this is coming from some other primal place.

The worst of it is that by all estimates this phase sticks around for a while.  What the crap am I going to do??


Garden Update: Avoiding an Egg Pun

Such as eggcelent, or eggciting news.

I save egg shells in the freezer.  Then after I have a bunch, I cook them, crush them, and spread them in the garden.  It’s supposed to be good against snails and good for calcium supplementation.  Now, I don’t know if we have a snail issue — but there are some small holes on my spinach and other plants.

In other news — I’ve screwed up the tomato seedlings and I don’t even know how.  Out of 12 robust seedlings, three have survived a week after transplanting.  We have 6 seedlings that have sprouted out of the chocolate bell peppers.  I have no idea how I’ll handle those when it’s time to transplant.

I planted a second container of peas, a planter of borage seeds, and a planter of “autumn king” carrots.

I also spent 90 minutes weeding and pulling out some dead plants out front to make room for the citrus trees.

Can’t Resist that Face


I’m sure every mom thinks their kid is really cute.  I wonder how parents are able to discipline their kids when they pull a move and all you want to do is laugh and hug them.  Max takes on a hysterical tone when he repeats “no” back to us after we tell him not do something.  I just can’t keep a straight face and now he thinks “no” — and especially the serious, angry “no” — is just too funny.  Oops.  I’ve screwed him up for life.

Dark Days Fast Food and Semi Dud Beets

Sadly, the beet experiment was only half successful.  While the beet greens were tasty– we sauteed them with a little bit of red wine vinegar, the beets beneath never formed.  They were just a series of knotted long roots instead of bulbs.  I still don’t quite understand why. 

We’ve been pretty busy over here and on some nights only have 30 minutes between when I get home and J. leaves for rehearsal.  So, we’ve done a few local dark days fast food nights.  One night was pasta with “stir fry” strips of beef and pesto sauce — all farmer’s market.  Another night was spinach pasta with tomato, red onion, parsley (all farmer’s market) and some local italian sausage — from Costco, oddly enough.

Garden update: Today I transplanted 12 tomato seedlings into larger containers.  We also now have 2 sprouts of the chocolate peppers — so, they were not all duds as previously suspected.  Lastly, I planted one planter of Alaska Peas.  Going to need to pick up more dirt to fill up the othe planter next weekend.  I need to scavange some bamboo sticks to create support for these as the grow (which they hopefully will).

Food Confession

As much as I love bragging about fabulous local meals, I feel obligated to also share when I slip up big time.  Here is what I ate on Friday — a day when I billed 15 hours.

  • Sprinkled doughnut
  • serving spoon of pad thai
  • serving spoon of brown rice
  • bagel with whole fat cream cheese
  • most of a bag of jelly bellies
  • a small bag of gold fish crackers
  • Can of Coke Classic
  • big mac

Not a fruit or veggie in sight!

Meanwhile, I haven’t stepped on a scale in months and judging by how my clothes fit… it’s catching up with me.