Garden Update: Spring

It’s spring time!  So much to do in the garden.  Our spinach is out of control.  I make 3 meals a week with spinach.  The green onions are looking good.  I snipped a bit of  a leaf (do they call it a leaf?) of green onion and it was nice and flavorful, but not too powerful.  I need to figure out what I want to do with them.   Carrots are getting established.

Today I planted heirloom tomatoes and heirloom peppers in the ground.  They have been on my window sill for 2+ months.  I didn’t realize that I should have started my cukes by now.  For some reason I thought they were direct sow in the summer time. Not so much. 

I bought a basil transplant, but it’s not looking all that great yet.

Not pictured: In the ornamentals, I have magnolias and gladiolas that have popped up — but no flowers yet.  I also spread a bunch of wildflower seeds and we’ll see how that goes.  Alaska peas are climbing, but no pods yet.

I have doubts about my tomatoes.  Somehow, they don’t seem strong enough to survive.  I am almost resigned to buying transplant tomatoes. 

What I’m wondering now is whether I have room for anything else?  Do I need zucchini?  Eggplant? Broccoli? Do I need some sort of lettuce? (The arrugala is tapped out)  What am I missing that’s a must have for first time gardner?  Whatever I get, I have no patience for seeds — it’s gotta be a transplant right now.


Creamed Spinach & Chard

(First, thanks for the baby motrin tips on the post below.  Either it did the trick, or the phase is passing.  Long story short, we’re all sleeping better)

A few months back, we were eating out at a restaurant with J.’s family.  We ordered a bunch of things we though might work for Max.  He really liked the creamed spinach.  That’s when I was inspired to plant a bunch of spinach so that I could one day make him our very own creamed spinach dish.

Flash forward.  I made the dish (and supplemented with our chard.)  I chopped the stems into it, too, which is why there are little red and yellow touches in there.

I quickly sauted the stems and some garlic in a little butter & olive oil, then I set aside.  I sauted the greens, then set aside and chopped.  Then I made a rue with butter, milk & a little cream and a big pinch of nutmeg. Added the stems/garlic and greens and served immediately. S&P to taste.

Max wouldn’t even taste it, but I loved it.