Bring on the Popeye!

So awesome!  One of the best parts of my weekend was harvesting a ton of spinach and seeing Max consume mass quantities of it.  Our spinach patch was producing like mad and I knew I needed to incorporate it into a meal.  We did fritatta a bunch of times.  Did creamed spinach.  Well, what better than a lovely lasagna on rainy Saturday?

Next to the first batch of spinach is a green onion I pulled up.  They have such lovely flavor.  I have been sprinkling them on fish and tonight in some mashed celeriac.

I also transplanted 5 lettuce plants.  Red, green and red speckled with green.  Then I found an old (really old) packet of parsley seeds.  I am doing a little experiment.  I have planted a bunch in 6 pods and then a bunch in the ground.  It’s a contest, let’s see which batch can get me a decent amount of parsley for some homemade tabouleh!

It’s so addictive to start growing stuff.  I’m craving more space to be able to have a bigger crop, but I don’t want to sacrifice Max running around space, so this will have to do.  In the mean time, I’m convincing others to garden as to live vicariously through their adventures.

On the Max front, two molars have popped in at the same time.  He’s in a better mood and eating pretty well again.


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  1. Gretchen said,

    April 6, 2010 at 2:33 am

    Very exciting stuff all around. I am so happy about your spinach crop – that sounds great. I just got some seeds yesterday and need to do my planting this Saturday (after the farmers’ market and before an evening baby shower). I’ll report back. I don’t have as much space devoted to edibles as I should. I wish I had more too but am too lazy to dig new plots (which I then will have to weed all the time as my yard weeds spread like, well, weeds).

    Hugs to the boys.

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