The cousins are super cute together.  But Max is getting more aggressive at taking Henry’s toys and Henry doesn’t care for it. 

We’re struggling with how to teach him proper behavior.  I know that at this age discipline is not supposed to work and you are supposed to re-direct… but when do time outs come into play?

Today we did a modified re-directing/timeout.  I took Max to another room and hung out with him myself for a few minutes to let him calm down.

It helped for a few minutes but the same bad behaviors pop right back in.  I hope he doesn’t turn out to b e a bully.


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  1. Mommy, Esq. said,

    April 12, 2010 at 6:01 am

    It’s normal. Ned takes Penny’s toys. Redirection is the key at this age – time outs don’t work. I tried one on Penny when she exhibited some dangerous and scary behavior this weekend (involving a slide). It did not work – we just had to leave the park. I think time outs can start around 2 years old depending on level of comprehension. And they are genious at 3 years old.

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