Taking Inventory

A year ago, living in a cramped apartment without a square foot of outside space I struggled to keep one plant alive. My chive plant.  It didn’t taste like anything, but the cat sure was interested in it.

What a difference a year has made!  Here’s the master tally:

From Seed:

2 tomato plants (not sure which kind because it was a variety pack and I forgot to label).  These are in the ground with blossoms coming out.  (sadly, 10 of their siblings did not make out so well)

8 chocolate pepper plants – in the ground, still alive, but not progressing very quickly.  It may need to get hotter as we’ve had an unusually cool spring.

4 cucumber plants – 2nd set of leaves are starting to pop through

34 green onion plants (at least half have been harvested).  Very beautiful and flavorful.

12 spinach plants – this variety is called “Giant Spinach.”  It indeed is gi-normous and we have at least 2 spinach dishes a week — no sight of slowing down.

1 sunflower seed plant.  Big leaves, not flower yet.  7 siblings did not do well.

Borage – growing in the ground and in a container but no flowers yet.

Carrots – tall green parts but no orange veggie poking out from the ground, so I guess it needs more time.

Parsley – This pack is 4 years old.  I am shocked to see it coming up like gangbusters.  This now makes me think that seed companies that tell you to toss out seeds from the previous year are like makeup companies that say you need to replace make-up after 3 months — they are just trying to move product.

2 planters worth of Alaska peas – they have started forming pods and now they just need to thicken up

various types of beans from a variety pack

3 plants of Potatoes (from store bought potatoes we accidentaly let sprout) – the big planter has green leaves now.

From Bulb:

10 gladiola plants with green leaves but no blooms

6 dinner plate dahlia plants, no blooms

From transplant:

Beets – greens were good but the root failed

Chard – got quite a bit of use out of it, but not as prolific as spinach

Marjoram – good

Basil – boiled it in the ground by accident

Thyme – good

Arugula – had a good run, but then I let it go to seed so I have arugula in future years.  We’ll see how that pans out.

5 blue lake bean plants – in new garden bed

1 cherry tomato (sweet 100s) – in new garden bed

1 squash

1 Broccoli

1 yellow tomato (still gotta get this in the ground, only picked it up today)

6 marigolds


2 Blueberry plants (put in planter today)

1 Washington Navel orange

1 bearss lime

1 meyer lemon

1 varigated lemon

Seeds I haven’t had a chance to bust out of the bag:

Dill, Sage, fragrant sweet pea, lavender.

I’m tired from just writing this out.

But what it means for me and my family is easy access to organic, amazing and beautiful food and a hobby that gets me outside for a few minutes every day.  Ain’t nothing wrong with that.


1 Comment

  1. Gretchen said,

    April 25, 2010 at 5:45 am

    Wow – that sounds exhausting. Good for you getting such a variety going. Wish we lived closer so we could trade plant seedlings, advice, etc. I planted some parsley seeds, lettuce seeds, and some sort of basil seeds and none have popped yet. Fingers crossed. But my borage has self-seeded and I now have at least six plants – all blooming. Funny how you are ahead of us, but behind us on other things. Hmmm… xoxo, g.

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