Found it!

J. found my camera!  (Then it took another 30 minutes of searching to find the cord to connect it to the computer. 🙂



It’s been a crazy few weeks.  I have a nagging feeling my tonsils have to come out.  I’ve been sick for a few weeks.  J. has been sick.  Max was sick.  Max picked up a charming habit of throwing up after coughing/crying.  What does that mean in our house?  No crying it out.  Driving 30 minutes a night to put him to sleep.  Taking him into bed with us after he wakes up in the middle of the night.

At the same time, I’ve had the busiest few weeks of work in 2 years.  Yesterday was 6am to 2am.

During this time, the garden is blooming like crazy.  If I could find my camera (yikes!)  I would take pictures of the following:

– Borage just about to show the vibrant blue flowers

– Spinach starting to bolt

-little buds on the peppers plants

-orange tops of the carrots starting to pop through the dirt

-baby zucchinis with beautiful orange blossoms

-baby broccoli

-pea plants full of pods

-volunteer cukes looking more robust than seed cukes

-tomato plants 4 feet tall

I could go on and on.

J. and I decided that next week we are skipping the farmer’s market and eating out of our back yard instead.  I already froze a big bag of spinach.  Some meals I’m thinking about:  pea & mint soup.  mixed green salad with salmon from the freezer.  carrot salad.  creamed spinach.

Now I just need time to be home to make these meals.  Sigh.

So cute I have to sit down

I was giving Max a bath tonight and he looks up and very clearly says “Button.” So I say, where do you see a button, Max?  Then he looks down at his belly button and says, “Baby Button.”

Volunteers of America

Last week I volunteered at a Rebuilding Together event.  We refurbished a non-profit daycare. 

This week, Karma repaid the favor by sending me volunteer vegetables in the garden.  My guess is that it’s either cucumber or melon left over from where the compost pile used to be and now smack dab in the middle of the new raised bed.  Here’s hoping these plants can co-exist because I don’t have the heart to yank the volunteers out.  So far I see about 5 volunteers and I think they are different types.