Believe it or not, I’m still in trial.  But thankfully, I had the weekend off.  We hit the pool at the in-laws’ for a little bit of re-charging and also to get Max acclimated to water play. (We have a vacay coming up …)

We also pulled up the bolted spinach and lettuce plants.  It amazed me how much food we derived out of such a really small bit of land — just a few square feet.    The empty space has now been filled with new romaine starts and a butternut squash transplant.

I have no patience for starting seeds indoors right now.  I took the lazy approach and sprinkled some green onion, sage, coriander, and dill seeds in the empty spaces in the veggie patch.  I hope they do ok. 

Other recharging activities which I have undertaken: making strawberry jam, zucchini muffins, and picking cuke & pepper out of the garden for a tiny salad.

J. has been wonderful at picking up the slack.  He has been taking care of Max, shopping, making home repairs, cooking and watering the plants while I’ve been in court.  (BTW, I did two cross examinations and one direct exam. :)) 

 Max has been amazing.  He’s talking so much.  We think he said “I wuv you” today.  (heart melting…)


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