After a month at trial, we did not get the result we hoped for.

I have a list of things a mile long that I need to do to catch up with life. 

Meanwhile, last night we ate pork chops marinated and baked in plum/apricot jam that I made from fruit on my parents’ trees.  Side dish of a bunch of volunteer squash and one giant zucchini (picture to follow soon), and rice.

Tonight, we will eat the left over rice as stir fry with broccoli, carrots, and green onion from the back yard.  The green onion has been such an amazing harvest.  They started as seeds in my windowsill, then turned into 34 transplants and we’ve been eating them for months, using every bit.  (I can’t tell you how often I used to throw away green onions from the market because they got all slimey in the veggie drawer).  I think only 3 remain.  😦

There’s a big mystery on what our tomatoes are.  If you recall, I had seven different varieties of seeds.  I had 14 transplants.  All but 3 died.  While I did not label the transplants, I knew that two of the survivors were the same variety.  They’ve been green for so long that I thought they were “Evergreen.”  But, one just started turning red.  So, no clue what variety we have.  But I am looking forward to not having to guess between ripe green and unripe green.


1 Comment

  1. Gretchen said,

    July 1, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    Sorry about the trial, but yea about all the veggies!

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