Half-Assed Dark Days Challenge

So, I haven’t blogged in 4 months.  The list of excuses is about a mile long and I won’t bore you with them.

Some noteworthy changes since my last post:  I’m knocked up — due in June.

We ate from the garden most of the summer and I learned that I really love summer vegetables.  Fall veggies — not so much.  I have a whole crop of butternut squash and can’t bother to eat them even on a dare.  I’m forcing myself to make a Thanksgiving side dish for J.’s family so someone gets to eat them.  I may take whatever else looks ripe and donate them to a food pantry.  At least then I’ll feel like something positive came of it.

I planted spinach, but the crop is not doing so well.  I think it’s because we’ve had funky weather this Fall.  Some of the plants starting bolting right away.  Today I gathered what I could without demolishing the plants all together and made a breakfast scramble.  Since the eggs are from the local farmer’s market, I’m chalking this up to a dark days challenge meal.  However, I’m not officially joining the challenge because I’m too busy to keep up with it and it was a source of great guilt last year.  So, I’ll post when I feel like — and there you have the “Half-Assed Dark Days Challenge.”

I also picked our first handful of snow peas.  I haven’t figured out what to throw them in yet.   Other crops at work in the garden:  Garlic.  Carrots, brocolli rabe (which I gotta eat before the crows eat it all), cauliflower (looks like a total bust, but we’ll see), alaska peas (same packet from last spring), two kinds of pumpkin (gotta deal with that one soon); some green strawberries, and the dregs of the zucchini plant.


1 Comment

  1. Gretchen said,

    November 24, 2010 at 7:27 am

    Love it. Half-assed is a-okay. Hope all is chugging along fine 🙂

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