Springing into Spring

Tonight we almost went out to dinner, but Max was having a mini-fit.  So, rather than subjecting the restaurant (and us) to a public tantrum, we went straight home.  My initial panic was that I remembered the fridge looking sort of empty as we hadn’t planned to eat at home tonight.  I told J. in a panic — but we have no food in the house.  He reminded me of a few things we had on hand that Max could eat, and if we had to, we’d make do with Mac & Cheese.

As we pulled up to the driveway, I realized how silly I’d been.  Sure, my fridge may look like a collection of condiments, but the front yard is our other fridge!  Even though it was still lightly raining, I popped outside and picked a handful of radishes, a Max-size serving of fresh peas, a few snow peas and spinach.  Yes, we did eat pot-stickers from the freezer — one of the few processed foods I haven’t let go of, but all in all, we all got our veggies in.  The radishes tasted amazing!  Almost sweet.  I’ll definitely be enjoying this crop and planting more as they only take 5 weeks or so to mature.


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