Radish Snack and New Toy

I have been snacking on radishes from our front yard raised bed.  This gives me a lot of joy and feels like quite the triumph because radishes were low on my list of things I thought we should grow.  For one thing, we rarely ever buy them.  When we did buy them, I’d often forget to use most of them and they’d get all rubbery or slimey in the veggie drawer.  They are also quite inexpensive to buy, so I really didn’t know if it would be worth the trouble.  What sold me on giving it a try is 1) they are very quick to mature – about 4-6 weeks.  2) I saw a variety mix and I was tickled at the idea of having different color radishes for the hell of it.  (yeah, it doesn’t take much to amuse me) 

I am so glad I went for it because I just think they are beautiful!  Yesterday, I made a little snack of thinly sliced radishes with a little rock salt from hawaii that I picked up when we were visiting there last year. 

On to the new toy:

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted a food dehydrator.  I remember a friend having one at home and snacking on apple chips, which I thought were about the yummiest thing ever.

As time went on, I talked myself out of having one.  The primary reasons were: it’s too much counter space, and surely the novelty of this would quickly wear off and I’d be stuck with junk.  Also, it appeared that dehydrators were a bit pricy and it would take a whole lot of dried apples to make that investment pay off.

Well, last year my love affair with this concept re-kindled.  Yes, it’s still too much counter space.  Yes, the chance of the novelty wearing off (like the Jack LaLane juicer may he and it rest in peace) is still very much a real possibility.  But I figured if I can capitalize on other people’s impulse purchases and find a barely used one on craigslist, it may be worth the experiment anyway.  Last week I picked up a $20 still in its original package never been used Ronco food dehydrator — just like my childhood friend had.  (Ah, nostalgia).

That night I dehydrated some of my homegrown herbs (parsley, oregano, and thyme).  We have a ton of Parsley and thyme and the oregano was left over from too much that I had snipped for our lasagne dinner.  I’ve actually been worried that the parsley would go to seed if I didn’t harvest more of it, so it’s a perfect excuse.  I also dehydrated a little bit of garlic as I have seen a few recipes for dehydrated garlic (as opposed to garlic salt or garlic powder) and was curious.

When it was done, I stuffed the contents in a jar (but didn’t crush them all the way) and let J. smell it.  He said that’s what italian seasonings are supposed to taste like!  Tonight we’re going to blend it with the spice grinder and rub it on a whole chicken that we’ll roast.  When Max goes down for his nap, I’ll try my hand at banana chips.  (I’m not a fan but maybe Max will be).  It also occurred to me that radish chips would make an excellent snacking chip — but I’m not sure any will last long enough to make it into the dehydrator.

Now, I still have a bunch of dried herbs in my pantry (which taste like nothing and I paid a small fortune for).  Trying to figure out what to use those for… maybe roasted potatoes.  Maybe confetti.



  1. Lori said,

    April 1, 2011 at 7:15 pm

    When I had my placenta encapsulated, the woman who did it for me used a food dehydrator. Maybe you can encapsulate yours? 🙂

  2. Almostima said,

    April 4, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    Thanks, Lori! However, J. has vetoed the placenta fruit roll up concept, so I guess we’ll pass. 🙂

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