Gardening Makes for Creative Cooking

This past weekend we were having family over and planned to do steak fajitas on the grill.   I looked at our beautiful radishes and thought that I had to incorporate it somehow into the meal.  So, I made a salsa composed of our mixed variety of radishes, our lemons which I preserved last month, our green onions, and some tomatoes we had in the fridge and some lime.  This was an amazing salsa!  I never would have thought of salsa with radish and preserved lemons if I didn’t grow/preserve this myself and was itching for a way to show it off.

A good ingredient begs for special attention.  Take, for example, this mama jama carrot I pulled up.    I feel like I should have honored it with some sort of special recipe.  But sometimes creativity gives way to practicality.  J. took it to work as part of his lunches, but I believe he got 3 lunches out of it.

And in unrelated news, had to share a cute picture of Max on his froggy potty.


Transplant Rejection

I haven’t had too much success with my seed-to-transplant process this year.  First batch of cukes (both pickling and salad cukes) burned to a crisp in the ground.  The tomatoes never got going and shriveled up, as well.  I’m reserving judgment on the beans because some of them are still holding on.  The bell peppers are highly questionable.

So, swallowed some pride and I hit the nursery this weekend.  I bought 7 types of tomatoes, a 6-pack of strawberries, and a golden bell pepper.  Before I could plant any of these, I had to clear out parts of the winter garden.  I picked the last of the shelling peas, snow peas, and cleaned up the spinach patch.  It was not as prolific as last year’s giant spinach leaves, but we grazed on it for a good few months, so it definitely worked out.   

I’m 32 weeks pregnant and my to-do list was longer than my body would accomodate.  I still need to plant 4 of the tomato plants and the bell pepper.  Maybe tomorrow night after work.

Time to check on lovely smelling banana bread in the oven.

(P.s. big Max milestone this weekend, he used the potty twice! )

Where Do You Find the Time?

A friend of mine’s mother had a saying: men spend their money where their heart is, and women spend their time where their heart is.

Back in the old days, we used to use this rationale to measure whether the guys we were dating actually liked us, or were stringing us along and should be ditched.  Today I think more about the other side of that equation, women spending their time where their heart is.

I often get asked where I find the time to do the ‘green’ things I do.  The thing is, I think so much of this stuff is more about the mind set you are in.  Many women don’t think anything of spending 30 minutes every morning styling their hair and putting on makeup.   Waiting 30 minutes for a table at Chillis.  Catching up on the latest season of Real Housewives of East Tulsa.  I don’t mean to be pejorative, because we all have our guilty pleasures, or something we do to relax.  But so much of  the ‘crazy’ things I do, doesn’t actually take any meaningful amount of time.

  • It takes 30 more seconds to dump my veggie scraps into compost than it would to dump it in the trash. 
  • When I grow sprouts, it takes running the jar under cold water twice a day (or when I think of it) – 10 seconds.   
  • Planting my seedlings outside tonight: 10 minutes for 4 basil seedlings and 7 tomato plants (which I got tired of looking at under the grow lights, so hopefully they survive out there).   
  • Making muffins so my boy has breakfast for the week – 20-30 minutes. 
  • Banana chips: 60 seconds it took me to slice them, and the dehydrator did the rest. (BTW, I thought I wasn’t a fan, but Max had to fight me for his share of the last batch…). 
  • Making my own cleaning products, takes basically same amount of time as opening a bottle from the store. 
  • Making bread just takes 2 minutes to throw the ingredients into a bowl – then let the yeast do the work for 12-18 hrs.  Then, just being around to turn the dough out onto a cutting board (30 seconds), preheat the oven (30 minutes), and bake the bread (45 min) — and it’s not like I’m watching the bread through the window, I do other stuff while that’s going on.

These things make me happy and I think they make my home a better place for my family.  I don’t mind spending this time, it’s how I show my love.