Puff Piece

I’ve never cooked with Puff Pastry before.  I got inspired by this blog post at Eating From the Ground Up.  It seemed so simple that I sent J. out to buy a bunch of Puff Pastries to keep in the freezer for quick dinners and appetizers.

I made two tarts, one with our tomatoes, our chives and ricotta and one with my parents’ figs, our thyme, pancetta bits and goat cheese.  I consider it a qualified success.  The one snag: even though I greased the bottom of the cookie sheet, it still stuck to the bottom in a lot of parts.  So, not quite sure how to combat that issue.  Any ideas?


Just Keep Swimming

One of Max’s favorite movies (and mine, for that matter) is Finding Nemo.  Max will walk around singing “Just Keep Swimming” — and it’s beyond cute.  In fact, he asked to go to the “Macquarium” last weekend — which we happily obliged.

We’ve been waiting all summer for summer to arrive.  The heat has yet to make an appearance.  So, that means hanging out at the pool, eating popsicles, (not to mention bell peppers and other garden goodies) have been conspicuously missing from this summer.  Well, this past weekend it finally hit 85 degrees at my in-laws’ house so we hit the pool and we hit it hard.  This was Ginger’s first dip in a pool — and my first post-baby bathing suit.  Notice I’m bringing back the 1920s style full cover up bathing suit.  Ginger took to the pool like a fish to water.

Back to Nemo … Dori gives the advice that goes something like this: when things get rough and one feels overwhelmed, you just have to keep swimming and things will eventually get better.  I’m definitely feeling that advice.  I’m more and more exhausted.  Ginger’s daytime naps seem to be just long enough for me to make a sandwich.  I find myself sabotaging my diet at nearly every turn and the last thing I feel like doing is anything that resembles exercise. 

I looked at old pictures of my maternity leave with Max and saw pics of me in cargo pants that I bought back then because so few of my clothes fit me.  I NEED TO FIND THESE CARGO PANTS.  I think this will require me turning my dressers and closets upside down, but it will be worth it to have one more thing that fits me in the rotation.