Shh! We’re braising rabbit!

We were at our farmer’s market and looking to pick up a whole chicken for the week.  The vendor apologized that all of the chickens were pretty small this week.  As I looked through the cooler, I noticed that familiar shape.  “Is this rabbit?” I asked with excitement?  It most certainly was.

I could see pictures at the booth of the animals running through fields and cuddling up with people.  I imagine that some people may not like that visual of an animal they are about to eat, but I enjoy knowing that the animal likely had a good life.   I wanted to honor this ingredient with a great dish.

This dish would also be the inaugural use of our home-grown garlic.  I picked it about 2 weeks ago and it had been drying in the garage.  I added our own green onions, lemon thyme, regular thyme, cherry tomatoes from the freezer, and rosemary.  

Seared the rabbit in bacon fat.  Deglazed with dry white wine.  Added homemade chicken stock.  Salt/Pepper.  Let sit in crockpot for 6 hours on low heat and it was fall off the bone delicious.ImageImageImageImageImage


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  1. Tammy Imhoff said,

    April 24, 2013 at 6:03 am

    One of the things I like best about rabbit (similar to whole chickens) is that it looks like what the animal really is. It forces you to confront that this was once a live creature, and makes you decide whether you are okay with eating it, more so than a steak or pork chop does. (For the record, I am totally okay with this realization, but I think it also helps combat a child’s somewhat natural belief that food comes from the grocery store.)

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