The Luxury of Being Sick

I’m sick.  Again.  This seems like the norm when you live with a few lil’ germ factories.  J. is out for work tonight.  While I had the tentative plan to do the “no-fuss” pizza ordering, I called an audible and went another way.  Egg drop soup was calling my name.


A few weeks back, I finally put into action a tip I had read about long ago but never implemented.  If you have extra herbs on hand, you can chop them up and then put 

them in an ice cube mold with water and freeze it.  Then you can pop a cube in to soups or sauces for some almost-fresh herb taste.    I pinched back a new basil plant but didn’t have an immediate use for the basil, so I froze it.  (the plant died shortly after, 

no clue why — basil routinely comes to me to die)

For Max’s dinner I had boiled him some shrimp, so I kept the shrimpy water, added 

homemade chicken stock, an ice cube of frozen basil, chopped chives from the planter, a little soy sauce and dropped an egg in.  I had also squirreled away a couple of shrimp and chopped them up and added to the soup.  


This was really delicious, and beautiful, too. 


1 Comment

  1. Tammy said,

    May 11, 2013 at 9:30 pm

    Take heart, it’s looking more & more like azaleas come to me to die.

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