After a month at trial, we did not get the result we hoped for.

I have a list of things a mile long that I need to do to catch up with life. 

Meanwhile, last night we ate pork chops marinated and baked in plum/apricot jam that I made from fruit on my parents’ trees.  Side dish of a bunch of volunteer squash and one giant zucchini (picture to follow soon), and rice.

Tonight, we will eat the left over rice as stir fry with broccoli, carrots, and green onion from the back yard.  The green onion has been such an amazing harvest.  They started as seeds in my windowsill, then turned into 34 transplants and we’ve been eating them for months, using every bit.  (I can’t tell you how often I used to throw away green onions from the market because they got all slimey in the veggie drawer).  I think only 3 remain.  😦

There’s a big mystery on what our tomatoes are.  If you recall, I had seven different varieties of seeds.  I had 14 transplants.  All but 3 died.  While I did not label the transplants, I knew that two of the survivors were the same variety.  They’ve been green for so long that I thought they were “Evergreen.”  But, one just started turning red.  So, no clue what variety we have.  But I am looking forward to not having to guess between ripe green and unripe green.



Believe it or not, I’m still in trial.  But thankfully, I had the weekend off.  We hit the pool at the in-laws’ for a little bit of re-charging and also to get Max acclimated to water play. (We have a vacay coming up …)

We also pulled up the bolted spinach and lettuce plants.  It amazed me how much food we derived out of such a really small bit of land — just a few square feet.    The empty space has now been filled with new romaine starts and a butternut squash transplant.

I have no patience for starting seeds indoors right now.  I took the lazy approach and sprinkled some green onion, sage, coriander, and dill seeds in the empty spaces in the veggie patch.  I hope they do ok. 

Other recharging activities which I have undertaken: making strawberry jam, zucchini muffins, and picking cuke & pepper out of the garden for a tiny salad.

J. has been wonderful at picking up the slack.  He has been taking care of Max, shopping, making home repairs, cooking and watering the plants while I’ve been in court.  (BTW, I did two cross examinations and one direct exam. :)) 

 Max has been amazing.  He’s talking so much.  We think he said “I wuv you” today.  (heart melting…)


It’s been a crazy few weeks.  I have a nagging feeling my tonsils have to come out.  I’ve been sick for a few weeks.  J. has been sick.  Max was sick.  Max picked up a charming habit of throwing up after coughing/crying.  What does that mean in our house?  No crying it out.  Driving 30 minutes a night to put him to sleep.  Taking him into bed with us after he wakes up in the middle of the night.

At the same time, I’ve had the busiest few weeks of work in 2 years.  Yesterday was 6am to 2am.

During this time, the garden is blooming like crazy.  If I could find my camera (yikes!)  I would take pictures of the following:

– Borage just about to show the vibrant blue flowers

– Spinach starting to bolt

-little buds on the peppers plants

-orange tops of the carrots starting to pop through the dirt

-baby zucchinis with beautiful orange blossoms

-baby broccoli

-pea plants full of pods

-volunteer cukes looking more robust than seed cukes

-tomato plants 4 feet tall

I could go on and on.

J. and I decided that next week we are skipping the farmer’s market and eating out of our back yard instead.  I already froze a big bag of spinach.  Some meals I’m thinking about:  pea & mint soup.  mixed green salad with salmon from the freezer.  carrot salad.  creamed spinach.

Now I just need time to be home to make these meals.  Sigh.

A Scary Halloween

IMG_4609So, we got Max into his Dinosaur costume.  The poor guy was trucked all around town in that thing this week.  There was my work. J.’s work. The moms’ group.  Meanwhile, I was racing the clock to try to get a few more hours billed by the end of the month.

It didn’t hit me till I saw this picture.  Amazingly, I managed to inadvertently catch my timekeeping software in the shot.  So, while my family is living in the moment enjoying how adorable he is with his huge tail, I literally have one eye on the clock.  Sigh.

One Suit at a Time

I’m due in court today.  I have managed to fit into one of my suits.  I consider this a small victory, but there is more to do!  I think i may just be one or two pounds away from my next two power suits.  August 5th is the next court date.  If I stay on track, I should be able to do it. 

Cross your fingers for me!

Learning to Fail

Posts have been a bit sparse lately… I’m learning the old cliche that working moms feel like they are failing at everything.  Will I ever feel like I’m at the top of my game at anything again?

Don’t know.  Stay tuned.

Surviving Day 1 As a Working Mom

Well, it’s the end of the day and I made it.  It was my first day ever as a working mom.

I played with Max for about 45 minutes before getting ready for work.  I called to check in twice.  I got home and parked in the closer spot outside the building rather than my designated spot downstairs because I wanted to make it inside quicker to see my boy.

He had a great day with his grandmother.  He napped well.  Ate reasonably.  Was fascinated by the other kids at the park.  Had a few bites of banana. 

When I saw him, his dad who had beaten me home, was changing his diaper.  Then Max jumped like crazy for me in the jumperoo.  J. wore him for a while in the baby bjorn.  Then we both gave him a bottle and read him a book.  We made up a song to sing him to sleep at night.  Tried a few versions of it before deciding on the one we like.  Then he was off to bed.

It seems like such a brief encounter with him … and this on a day when I had ZERO billable work.  So, when various folks stopped by my office with a knowing head tilt and asked me how I was doing.  I could truthfully say I was fine.  But I keep thinking about how not-fine I might be when I ramp back up and have to pay the price of the slow days I’m having now.  In big firm life, no work on a Thursday equals work on a weekend to make up for it, as if I took a vacation day.

Dinner was quick and easy.  I had frozen a couple of batches of leftover homemade tomato zucchini sauce.  I added fresh garlic, homegrown basil, and parsley to it and farmer’s market roasted garlic pasta.  I ate half the portion I normally would.  Had two bites of chocolate, and then a bowl full of cherries kindly provided by my mother in law.

Pre-Work Nesting?

I go back to work June 4th.    I am feeling similar “nesting” feelings that I did towards the end of my pregnancy. 

As I wrap up various loose ends — some important, some trivial — I feel like I am mentally preparing myself for yet another big life change.

So, on the important front, I enrolled Max in daycare.  On the trivial front, I felt the need to use up old seeds I had to grow my own sprouts.  I used to do this quite often but have fallen out of the habbit.  It is about the only veggie growing I can do, and at 5 days from seed to sprout, it’s about the closest thing to instant gratification in the gardening world. 

IMG_3783I think some of these sprouts will end up in a turkey/avocado/sprout pita early next week and I almost can’t wait.

White House Organic Garden

My firm just announced major layoffs.  I am not on the chopping block this time around, but it really brings it close to home — we live in different  times and frugality needs to return as an American value.

While I still have no means to create my own food garden, I am glad to contribute my tax dollars towards improved food security and emphasis on growing the local foodshed.  One such project would return a victory garden to the White House.  Yes, in WWII, the White House grew its own produce, and I’d like to see it happen again. Oh, and excess food will go to local shelters who very much need it.

That’s why I signed this petition and hope you do, too!